Ladies on Fire!

What a beautiful day to be playing golf, well 15 Ladies thought so today Out we went with such high hopes of winning the second Monthly Medal. Hmmm, at the end of the day, some where not so sure they were playing on the same course as the rest of the field. We won’t mention … Read more

Yea Girls still getting a look in!

Wednesday 13th March, the Kath Homewood first round taking place on the course today. First a little run down on the significance of the competition. Kath Homewood began her golfing years with the Yea Golf Club around 1959. Kath, a very tireless and generous worker, as well as holding office for many years. Lady Captain, … Read more

Ladies Keep on Collecting!

Wow, how is the weather, a little hard to keep up, but this is Victoria. Saturday the 2nd March, 2nd day of Autumn, we had a glorious day. Judging by the frivolities on the course, and on the 19th hole, had everyone in high spirits. A few sides aching from the strenuous laughing. But any … Read more

Ladies Season 2024 Officially Open!

Well Ladies we are off and running with a brand new Season. Ready to strut our stuff! Already claiming a couple of important wins at the first Dalhousie events, the Bowl held at Alexandra, we are ready to do battle with the little round ball. I can’t say white anymore as there are just so … Read more

Ladies Golf Season off to a Hot Start!

Although Ladies Open Day for Yea Golf Season 2024 is not official until next week, our governing body, Dalhousie District, have held their first Bowl, for Season 2024. A for Alexandra being the first cab off the rank. And what a hot start it was! I for one totally expired, the body protesting profusely at … Read more

Girls still coming up with the Goods!

With the tournament being a busy week I think everyone was looking for a wee rest as only four Ladies came to play on Saturday 25th. Lucky me had a little win with 30 points. Although, two of our Ladies were obviously resting up big for the following day. Sunday 26th. Competition held at Eildon. … Read more

Yea Ladies keep on gathering the Gold!

As our Season is coming to an end, it certainly has not dampened the winning streak happening with the Yea Ladies. Little like the races, everyone stampeding to the finish line in fine form. Maybe it is the weather bringing out the best? Bring out the sunshine and everyone’s spirits seem to soar, life becomes … Read more

Championships Dun n Dusted for 2023

Out came the sunshine and out came the golfers! Lots of festivities, golf and loads of fun, been a happening on the Royal Yea Golf course. The course looking superb, thanks to the hard work of the volunteers. Wednesday 1st November, a little rest from the championships, the playoff for one of our members to … Read more

Yea Ladies Keep Excelling!

Wins at the Golf Events just seem to keep on stacking up for the Yea Ladies! Must say we are just loving it, even if the weather keeps on throwing in a few curly days along the way. We will gratefully and graciously accept all the highs whilst they are happening. Go Yea! Monday the … Read more

Stop The Press! Local Girls State Winners!

Much excitement and anticipation leading up to the State Finals No 1 of the, Doris Chambers Stableford Foursomes, held at Yering Meadows Golf Club Friday 20th October. A very early Start for our Local Ladies. Team Adrianne Anglin and Margie Wright and, In this case the early bird did catch the worm! Whilst you two … Read more