Yea Challenge Bowl A Great Success

What a great day, No fog, overcast yes, but no rain. Not a breath of wind, although the Autumn leaves were falling softly, they were totally falling vertically. Perfect day for Golf.

We had a Bowl a little different today, wasn’t Ladies only. 48 players graced the field today. All looking to take home the bounty. Prizes gorgeous, but if you were a man they would have to be going to your special person. That wasn’t an issue as, whoops, none of them made the grade. Sorry guys.

Todays winners of the bowl, Seymour took the honours with a great score 103. Shirley Wright, Glenda woods and my playing partner Paula Britton. Great job Ladies. Team Alexander were hot on their heals just 2 points behind.

This year we had the pleasure of our lovely Life Member Myrna Patterson come to help with the presentations. Always wonderful to see you. Myrna has always been a special part of our club. So thank you for joining us.

Our A grade winner, Barb Doyle (14) from Alexander winning with 38 points. Having played with her at Euroa, was showing concerns about our greens. Guessed you liked them very much. Well done.

B Grade was won by our very own Meryl Connell (25) 5th in the overall field, a great score of 35 points. You are a legend.

C Grade, once again, another local, Sue Aurisch (33). Sue an awesome effort. 2nd in the overall field winning C Grade with a fine score of 37. WELL WELL DONE.

Small Teams Sharon Grogan, Meryl Connell & Sue Aurisch.

NTP Kerry Hewlett, Carolyn Garvey, Mim Page and finally a man Phil Dally.

Our day not only topped with a fine lunch, we had House of Golf in the Building, so lots of goodies to get at a good price. Jason also had a great deal $50 to spend. He never ceases to give great deals. Thank you Jason very much appreciated. We love having you here.

Big thanks to all that contributed to the days success. Thank you!!!!!!

Happy Golfing Every one!!

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