Simmo in CB Win

Brian Simmons(11) with 36 points won on CB from Steve Rumney(29) on Saturday. Conditions were heavy but the greens were ideal. Third with 35 points was Wayne Rowe(13) from fourth Mic Spagnolo(7) with 33. Fifth on CB was Kevin Coghlan(19) from Steve Wealands(17), Ken Whitfort(7) and Phil Armstrong(23) all on 32 points. Ken Whitfort was … Read more

Mini Gender Competition Wk1

Wednesday saw 18 men/9 L adies compete in a stableford round in week 1 of the mini gender competition. Winner with 38 points was Gary Pollard(13) from second Martin Lowe(16) on 37 on CB from third Jonathon Fisher(16). Fourth was Chris Smith(24) with 36 points. NTP on the 2nd was Gary Pollard and the Club … Read more

Jonathon on Par

24 people played a Par round on Saturday with Jonathon Fisher(16) playing a great round with +3 to win. Second on CB was Phil Armstrong(24) with +2 from third Gary Pollard(13). Fourth with +1 was Brian Simmons(12) from fifth Steve Rumney(29( with square. Brian Simmons was NTP on the 18th and Mark Mullaly won the … Read more

Ric Wills Wins

Saturday saw 14 members, including Sue Aurisch, kplay a Stableford Round in sunny conditions but on a waterlogged course due to about 10mls of overnight rain. Winner with 36 points was Ric Wills(10) from second consistent Brian Simmons(11) with 33. Gary Pollard(13) was third with 32 points. Jeff Aurisch was again NTP on the 14th … Read more

Stableford Win to Phil

On a much improved day of sunshine, sixteen men contested a stableford round on Wednesday at Royal Yea. Winner with a fine 39 points was Phil Armstrong(24). Second with 36 points was Ray Partridge(27) from third Chris Smith(24) with 35. Fourth on CB was Bill Dredge from Gary Pollard(13) with 33 points. NTP on the … Read more

Carl’s Prideaux Cup

Saturday saw much better weather with mild temperatures and no fog!! There were 21 players contesting the second round of the Prideaux Cup. Best of the day was Kevin Coghlan(19) on CB from mate Malcolm Bett(25) with 38 Stableford Points. Third with 37 was Alan Pell(15) from fourth Carl Maffei(22) with 35 on CB from … Read more

Brian Simmons Wins CB

Wednesday saw 19 men compete in a stroke and putting event at Royal Yea. Morning conditions were fresh until the sun finally broke through around noon. Winner on a second CB with a nett 71 was Brian Simmons(11). Unlucky second was Ray Partridge(27) from third David Ngo(22) both with 71 nett. Fourth also on CB … Read more

Bill Dredge Wins Medal

There were 19 men at Royal Yea Saturday to contest the Monthly Medal. The sun had forgotten to shine for a couple of days and the foggy mist enabled many golfers to hit the ball out of sight! Scores were not great in the wetish conditions but half the field were within 3 shots of … Read more

First Round Prideaux Cup

The first round of the Prideaux Cup was played on a sunny but slightly windy Saturday at Royal Yea Golf Course. We had 27 in the field with Sue Aurisch joining the boys for a hit. Winner of the day with a marvellous 39 points was Carl Maffei(23). He now has a clear 6 point … Read more