Merry Month of May Comes To An End

Sadly, the last days of Autumn have come to an end, although not without some interesting days of Weather. Fog seems to have come thick and fast, not wanting to leave. Oh but what glorious days there were if it did.

One would start the day , covered head to toe, in layers of clothing, trying to keep warm. If we were fortunate enough, many such layers gone by the end of the round. Finding our ball, well that was also a bit of a conundrum. Hit, one said ball to find it disappeared into the fog. Quite an interesting exercise finding it. Always an interesting game, Golf.

Two of our annual competitions completed this month. Funny they also begin with M. The Margaret Samblebe Brooch. One round of stableford. The brooch donated in memory of Margaret by her family beginning 1996. If you are fortunate enough to win, you can only receive the brooch once but, will have your name recorded of the plaque for multiple wins.

This year only 4 players competed, the winner, having a great day, Di Elliott (29) 31 pts. Congratulations Di.

Our other, The Mona Clark Shield. Two rounds of Stableford. The first Shield was presented by Mona in 1984. Mona having been a member for over 50 yrs. Mona was a Life Member and a Past President.

The first round of the Mona Clark was contested 15th May. 10 players trying their luck. The daily winner today was a new member Khai Mohamed-Noor (37) having a great 35 pts. Runner up Margie Wright (22) 28pts. The second round was held 29th May. 8 players on the day but only 4 players eligible, having played the two rounds. Once again our daily winner Khai (37) having a 33 pts. Runner up Meryl Connell (25) 30 pts. Meryl also won NTP.

The lady, who took out this years win of the Mona Clark Shield , having played both rounds, was Di Holdsworth. Di being over the moon saying this was her first win in ten years, getting her name on a trophy. Congratulations Di. Well done!!!

The other two comps 18th May 11 players. Winner Jan Wealands (32) 36 pts Runner up Vicki Clements (25) 31 pts NTP Karen Sangster.

25th May. 9 players. Winner Cindy Armstrong (32) 35 pts. Runner up Christine Simmons (28) 34 pts. Christine also won NTP

Well done everyone May is now dun n dusted. Winter well, numbers will dwindle as many head for warmer climates. Happy Golfing and Happy Safe Travels for those venturing away.

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