Ladies on Fire!

What a beautiful day to be playing golf, well 15 Ladies thought so today Out we went with such high hopes of winning the second Monthly Medal. Hmmm, at the end of the day, some where not so sure they were playing on the same course as the rest of the field. We won’t mention any names, well I can mention mine. For the life of me, just couldn’t get that little round ball to cooperate at all!!. But that’s golf. Our Lady Captain decided to share the players around a little, many had played together on their golfing trip, so were looking for a new face to play with, thus those who had stayed at home had a chance to also play with a new face. Good idea!. One could not ask for a nicer day.

I am pleased to announce , one of our tiniest players, unbeknown to us had been out playing for most of the week. Her and hubby entertaining themselves, certainly paid off. She had an absolute ripper of a day. Practise makes perfect they say. Cindy Armstrong (34) 100 off the stick, came in with a 66 nett. What a day! Congratulations!!!! Money and the Monthly Medal!

Coming in Runner up was also another Lady with a great score. Miranda Gill (17) had an 88 off the stick giving her a score of 71. Non to shabby either. Miranda also won the putting with 28 putts. No NTP today.

The future golfing? We are coming into the Easter Break, guess many will be travelling, seeing family etc So wishing you all a Happy, Especially a safe Easter. Shall see you all when you return. Those golfing have an awesome time, may the little white ball do as you ask. Happy Easter Everyone!

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