Stableford – 22 Pairs

Yea GC

Two players playing Individual Stableford with their points on each hole earning a combined number determining their result. If either player earns 0 or 1 then that means the team can only receive a low outcome: ie. O1,02,03,04,05, 11,12,13,14,15. If both score 2 then they receive a Pair 22 result. If they score better than ... Read more

Vets – Lancefield

Lancefield GC

Membership Open to all Club Members over age of 55 Cost - $20/yr

Men’s Knockout – Round 1 completion

Yea GC

Players(32) to be drawn to play each other in (16 matches) in the first round. 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds can be 9 or 18 hole contests, agreed upon before play starts. Players must play in the same group but can use social or club events which involve Stableford, Stroke or Par to determine a ... Read more

Bisque Par

Yea GC

Played against Par, but with the allowable strokes taken wherever the player wishes, not as set on the card. Strokes taken must be decided upon when marking the card hole by hole, not at the conclusion of the round.