Yea Golf Ladies Keep Stacking up the Wins!

I don’t know what is in the water of late, but the Yea Ladies seem to keep on blitzing the fields of numerous Golf Courses, near and far! Go you good things!!

Following Di Holdsworth’s great score of 70 nett to win the last Monthly Medal on the 17th April at home. On the 18th, Jo Clayton travelled to Lancefield for their Tournament, securing herself a win in B Grade, also a 70 nett. Team mate Sharon Grogan, just short of the winning circle, an equal third. Having a 73 nett. Great effort Ladies.

Back home , we were not to be outdone in the Vets. Vicki Clements winning C Grade with another local, Sue Aurisch runner up.

Unfortunately our Pennant Team fell short of a win for their first game. But the girls fought brilliantly, being the first time playing mixed pennant with the Men. Certainly a change from just Women’s Pennant. Hopefully our next game will prove more fruitful.

Wednesday 24th, turned out to be one Magical Day. Firstly at home we had our second round of the Kath Homewood Trophy. Not all our Ladies playing on the day were eligible to play for the Trophy not having played the first round, but they could be the Daily Winner. Today Meryl Connell (27) had a mighty fine day, yep the magical number 70 Nett winning the money for the day. Runner up Sharon Grogan (28) a nett 72. No NTP.

Sharon may have been runner up for the daily win, but, her fine score gave her the Magic Number to secure the Kath Homewood Trophy. Well done, another great day for Golf.

Whilst we were all busy being winners at home, three other young Ladies travelled to Mansfield to have themselves just the BESTEST DAY EVER. Good thing they travelled in two cars there wouldn’t have been any room to sit with all their loot.

Vicki Clements, Sue Aurisch and Di Elliott WON THE BOWL!!!!!!! Such Awesomeness girls.

The Wins didn’t stop there. Sue Aurisch up and won herself C Grade, Vicki Clements won the “Young Chicks” and also all the NTP,s they tell me. What a good day!! To top it off the lunch was also a winner. What more could you ask for.

So Wednesday the 24th of April proved to be one very fruitful day for the Yea Lady Golfers!!!!

Saturday we have a brand new Trophy to play for and then it is off for another round of Pennant. Hope you haven’t worn yourselves out girls. Happy Golfing Everyone!!

Winners Mansfield Bowl 2024

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