Championships continue

The second round of the Championships scored another glorious day. The morning beginning with the birds singing. Welcoming another the new day of competition. Light moisture on the greens captured the tracks of the little round ball on its journey to the sinking of the putt but drying out quickly as the day warmed. The … Read more

Billy Sizzles

Bill Dredge(20) our C Grade Champion continued his recent good form to post 38 points to win the Wednesday Competition. Second with 36 was Russell Wealands(25), with third Neil Peterson(16) on CB from Steve Rumney(29) and Chris Smith(22) with 34 points. Pelly was NTP on the 18th and Carl Maffei won the Club Award. Boys … Read more

Championships Begin

Weather certainly has been a bit of a conundrum of late and reading the weather forecast isn’t going to change some time soon but nevertheless lots of things have been happening on the golf course. Beginner schools have been a great success. Novices rocking up to have a go. Some having a real feel for … Read more

A Star is Born

Golf golf golf don’t ya just love it, well most of the time sometimes it is just jolly frustrating but we love it so much we just keep on coming back. We’re going to get better one day! Proof is in the pudding some of us do!!!!!! Saturday 10th October 6 teams strutted their stuff … Read more

Broadford Boys Welcomed

Wednesday’s saw 22 men from Broadford GC come to Yea for golf as their course was recently coored. With 20 Yea men hosting and 19 Ladies on the course it was fantastic to see the beautiful greens and fairways fully utilised. The competition was Stableford and the Winner from Broadford was Rob McDonald Jnr(26) with … Read more

Milestone at Yea

HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! Just had to let everyone know today is a special day for a very special Lady! Today one of our Life Members turns the very Impressive age of EIGHTY!!!! Our Special Lady is non other than MYRNA PATTERSON who, over the years has been a great ambassador for our club. Myrna has … Read more

Competition continues!

Wow this changeable weather is a real hoot! One day sweltering then the next cold and rain just to mix it up a bit. All I can say sure glad today’s weather wasn’t yesterday or all would be heading for the warm fires instead of playing golf. Saturday 3rd October last day of normal time … Read more

Great Day Out!

Competition in full swing much to everyone’s delight’! Weather was kind didn’t drench the troupes one wee bit. Lots up for grabs today Wednesday 30th last day for September! Today a very important event the “Margaret Samblebe Brooch”. One round of stableford. Margaret joined the club in 1989 and was a member until 1996. During … Read more

Excitement grows!

Spring has sprung and so has the Competition golf bug! It’s Finally escaped the confinements of the Covid cage and is doing cartwheels around the course. Oh what a course! It’s shining brightly, manicured to perfection just waiting the return of the competition golf Bug, who by the way is just itching to try and … Read more

Officially Back

Saturday saw the official return of competition after the lockdown in regional Victoria. We hope that things keep improving so that we might be able to open the Clubrooms and start socialising with other members. With a limit of ten people we are unable to have presentations or dinners at this stage. The course looks … Read more