Mixed 4BBB Championship

Saturday saw 9 pairs participate in the Mixed 4 Ball Best Ball Championship at Royal Yea. Once again the predicted rain didn’t eventuate and the course played really well but a little longer than usual. Winners of the Championship were two recent new members Anthony Coleman(4) and Sharon Grogan(41) with 44 points. They received $20 … Read more

Winter tis here!

First the pause on golf. Good ol’ Covid rules again. Then when we are able to return to the course the Winter elements take over TOO WET!!!!! So when there is nothing else to do and all are feeling a little blue it is off to the local coffee shop we go. Mint n Jam … Read more

Golf Carts

The Committee has asked me to convey to all members the importance and necessity to keep the impact of our golf carts to a minimum. Especially due to the recent wet weather, carts should travel as much as possible on the edge of fairways preferably in the rough. Carts should be parked on the exit … Read more

Prideaux Cup

After the welcome rain during the week conditions were a little wet but playable on Saturday for the first round of two of the Prideaux Cup. Winner of the day with 34 stableford points was Jonathan Fisher(13) from second Greg Clements(13) with 32 points. Third was Bill Dredge(18) with 30 points from Chris Smith on … Read more

Lockout Rescheduling

With the current 7 day lockout, there will need to be some reorganisation of the Club’s program. Firstly the second round of the NJ Murray will be contested on Saturday 3rd July. If there is no further restrictions then next Saturday will be the June Monthly Medal followed by the Prideaux Cup on the following … Read more

Golf Hits Pause Button Once Again

Just when we thought we were back on a role with Competition Golf. Ka-pow!! think again. The rug, just whipped right out from under us in just one fowl swoop. The old saying “just takes one bad apple” ringing so true. Although I do not remember the bad apples being so speedy as to being … Read more

True Scottish Golf

On a typical day for Scots playing golf, only the true players ventured to Royal Yea for a stableford competition on Wednesday. Playing with only 4 sticks made the day even more Scottish! Winner with 39 points was Phil McArmstrong(22) from Runners-Up Willie Mac Dredge(18) with 31 points on CB from Gary “Macca” Pollard(10). There … Read more

Boys Win Pennant

Sunday saw an exciting and nail biting win to our boys pennant final at Seymour versus Eildon GC. In five close matches the last 30 minutes saw fortunes ebb and flow. Number 5 for Yea lost on the 18th to go down by 2. Number 4, Captain Greg Clements went to the 19th where he … Read more

The Bowl Stays at Home!

Monday the Pennant Team wandered off to Seymour for another round. An enjoyable day, weather behaved and lunch was good. The Golf um well not so good. Once again only one winning their game, another battling it out to the 18th still not able to score a victory others back in the club house a … Read more

Irish Stableford

Wednesday saw 6 teams of 3 contest an Irish Stableford Event at Royal Yea, For the first 6 holes the best stableford score per team counts. On the second 6 holes, the best two scores count and on the last 6 holes all scores count. Winners with a team score of 69 were Neil Ross(33), … Read more