Yea Girls still getting a look in!

Wednesday 13th March, the Kath Homewood first round taking place on the course today.

First a little run down on the significance of the competition. Kath Homewood began her golfing years with the Yea Golf Club around 1959. Kath, a very tireless and generous worker, as well as holding office for many years. Lady Captain, six years. Lady President of Dalhousie. Lady President for Yea, five years. Pennant player for years, also representing our club in numerous inter-club tournaments with much success. Back home she also won most of the club events, more than once. Needless to say, she was more than competent at the game. Kath was also rewarded with a Life Membership, much deserved, considering her participation within the club. As you can imagine it is an honour to win said trophy.

The event a 36 hole stroke aggregate, today a beautiful day weather wise, not to hot. Course still looking good. 12 Ladies came to join the fun today, all hoping they play well in the first round to carry them over to round two. Today it was hotly contested, two coming in with a 72 nett. The much loved countback required. Today Jo Clayton (24) took the honours from runner up Adrianne Anglin (11). A great start for the first round. We look forward to seeing who will conquer on the completion of the second round. Congratulations girls!!

The following day, Thursday 14th it was off to Marysville to compete in their Annual Bowl. Six ladies, two teams, off bright and early, arriving to another beautiful day! No rain and not Hot!. Course looking magnificent, as usual. So much green, proving to be a little tricky, as most courses are having a little run with the summer destroyed a few. Naturally Marysville got to keep their bowl. Congratulations girls! But I am pleased to report that we did not come home empty handed. Today Margie Wright starred for us, coming in runner up for B grade. Scored herself a bottle of special cordial. Prizes for all the participants today were of natural ingredients called produce, sought from local businesses. Miranda Gill scored herself a jar of relish for a NTP and Vicki Clements, golf socks for being part of the small teams. The girls also came home with some more player of the year points. Well done Yea!

Vicki Clements left small teams

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