Ladies Season 2024 Officially Open!

Well Ladies we are off and running with a brand new Season. Ready to strut our stuff!

Already claiming a couple of important wins at the first Dalhousie events, the Bowl held at Alexandra, we are ready to do battle with the little round ball. I can’t say white anymore as there are just so many shades of golf balls these days, so, round it is.

The day still a little warm, well just a little HOT, still none the less we enjoyed our day.

As per tradition, the first ball hit for the season, one of our life members, Miranda Gill did the honours and as per usual you had to be quick to catch a photo. A very no nonsense kind of gal. Perfect hit and a little speech. Let the season begin.

9 holes of two person Ambrose was the event of the day. Nine pairs and one lonely golfer took to the fairways to try their game. Some new faces, some members we haven’t seen for a while which, was wonderful to see those faces return and of course the regulars who just love golf. A great day had by all! Don’t tell anyone but we were glad it was only 9 holes the heat frazzled a few. Lunch, delicious, and the aircon fixed all our problems.

This year our winners, young Penny Britton and her partner Jenny Bennett, having a great score 32 6/8ths. Winners are grinners.

We also held our Presentations for the years Eclectic (Best score on each hole) , Birdies and Gobblers.

Scratch Eclectic: Adrianne Anglin 67 gross. Very impressive . Adrianne also won the most Birdies. Handicap Eclectic: Margie Wright with a 59.85. Congratulations girls.

To end the presentations, the gobblers, and I am very honoured to be this years winner. Even more so being presented with my trophy by Miranda Gill. When inspecting the hamper of goodies, I was very surprised and overwhelmed, sitting amongst all the goodies was a hand spun and knitted pair of socks, hand crafted by Miranda. I shall treasure them always. Miranda tells me that many have tried to order these, but no we have to win them. So thank you thank you. I won a pair Yippee!!

With all the festivities done n dusted, nothing left to do but depart the building, back to reality. Some preparing themselves for tomorrows comp. The Bowl at Hidden Valley, which proved another exciting day. One of our Teams having won the previous year were looking to have a second chomp at the cherry. They gave it a jolly good try just missing out. Runner up, a really great effort by Team Yea. Adrianne Anglin. Meryl Connell and Jan Wealands. A few player of the year points also managed to find their way to Yea girls. GO Yea!!

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