Ladies Keep on Collecting!

Wow, how is the weather, a little hard to keep up, but this is Victoria. Saturday the 2nd March, 2nd day of Autumn, we had a glorious day. Judging by the frivolities on the course, and on the 19th hole, had everyone in high spirits. A few sides aching from the strenuous laughing. But any golf day is a good day. A happy one even better.

12 lovelies, giggled their way round to have some really good scores. Take a leaf out of Vicky B’s book, relax, makes good scores. Certainly did for one, coming in with a fine 38 to take the honours for the day. Our young Di Holdsworth (28), tripping the light fantastic. Congratulations, very impressive. Second placing, we had to have a little countback. Two Ladies both having scores of 34. Cindy Armstrong (34) was the victor from Penny Britton (33). Good job girls.

Wednesday 6th, an early start, a hot day predicted. As usual the powers to be had it a little wrong. Turned out not quite so hot, much to everyone’s relief. Another 12 hit the course. The battle, the first round of the Silver Spoon. Today we had one of our reasonably new girls have a good day out. Carolyn Webber (54) returned to the clubhouse with a fine 71 nett. Giving her a win for the day. Got the money honey!! But due to technicalities with the handicapping system, players on a 54 handicap have to play off 45 for certain events. So although winning the days event Carolyn missed out on the Silver Spoon round.

So, the love was shared around today, allowing another player, the chance for the first round of the Silver Spoon, as she came in a close second for the daily win. Di Elliott (28) having a spot of form lately came in with a nice 72 nett. Winning the first Silver Spoon round. This makes the second win for Di, who just recently won the first monthly medal. First two events for the year, two wins. Go Di!!!!

It was also very nice to see ladies that have been absent for awhile, return, each receiving a ball for their fine efforts of finishing the 18 holes. Val Howard and Chris Kellett. Now you know you can do it, hope to see more of you in the near future. Well done.

The winning didn’t stop there. Two Teams of three travelled to far away Seymour to try for another Bowl Win. Although we did not win the bowl, Seymour got to keep their Bowl. Clever Girls. We did have a win in the grades. Vicki Clements winning on a countback from another Yea Lassie, Margie Wright, both having 31 pts. Weather also pleasant, but the course must have been a bit of a challenge as the majority of the field came in with scores under 30. Thankfully our girls played well. Keep the wins happening girls, the Season has just begun. Player of the year points also filtered our way. Vicki 4 points and Margie 2. Well done girls. Happy Golfing everyone!

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