Cool Man Kev Leads the Barry Moore

Saturday saw the first of two rounds of Stableford for the Barry Moore Trophy at Royal Yea. Winner with 34 points was Kevin Coghlan(19) from Greg Clements(16) on 33. Third on CB was Sam Wright (22) from Wayne Rowe(12) with 32. All of these leaders were part of the Cobden Tourists the previous week. Our … Read more

Michael Sheather Wins Mid-week

Nine men’s pairs were drawn together for the Irish Stableford Round on Wednesday. This involves the best score of two players recorded for each of the first nine holes, followed by both players scores for the last nine holes. Winners with 62 points were Michael Sheather(43) and Martin Lowe(16) from second Jeff Aurisch(16) and Ken … Read more

Stableford Win to Billy

Golf on Saturday was a stableford event with 16 men playing. Winner with an extraordinary score of 43 points was Bill Dredge(19). Great result for a man who mows the greens. Second and third both had great scores as well with New Member Phil Armstrong(31) and Chris Smith(25) with 42 and 41 respectively. NTP on … Read more

Gender Lunch Winners

With nearly 40 in attendance Wednesday, the Gender Luncheon saw the men as payment for losing this year’s competition provide and cater lunch at Royal Yea. Many compliments from the Ladies were received about the standard and quality of food presented. Head Chef Gary Pollard pointed out, the standard will be expected to be as … Read more

Mini Masters Champ Sue

Sue Aurisch again had a dominating day on Saturday in the 3rd round of the Murrindindi Masters at Eildon Golf Club. With the best score of 38 for the women Sue(35) won the Mini Masters for Women on the day. Vicki Clements(22) continued Yea’s success winning A Grade with 37 points. Not to be left … Read more

Gender Challenge Result Wk8

Thirty three golfers attended the Par Event on Wednesday. The winner of the day was Bob Glenister(10) on CB from Gary Pollard(12) second, Adrianne Anglin(14) third all on +1 and Ken Whitford(8) fourth with Square. Fifth was Vicky Butler(34 on CB from Vicki Clements(22) with Square also. Neil Peterson(13) was fourth for the men with … Read more

Greg Wins Medal

Playing off a 17 handicap Greg Clements won the first Medal of the Year (for February) with a nett 69. Second was Chris Smith(27) on CB from Carl Maffei(23) with a nett 70. Fourth was Neil Peterson(13) with 71 from fifth Malcolm Bett(23) nett 72. Even with 24 golfers there was no NTP on the … Read more

Lowe/Simmons Win 4BBB

Saturday saw very humid weather and predicted rain in the afternoon. Most of the 23 players hit off in the morning. The 4BBB Competition was won by Martin Lowe(17) and Brian Simmons(9) with an outstanding 47 points. Martin had the best individual score of 40 points plus his partner Brian had three birdies for the … Read more

Smithy Wins Par 3

Smithy Wins Par 3

Wednesday saw 32 players contest a Par 3 day at Royal Yea . With every hole converted to a shorter distance players found themselves playing on a lower handicap, roughly 3/4 of their normal one. Winner of the day was new member Chris Smith with an excellent 41points. Second was Dors Lehman from Sue Aurisch … Read more

Golf News

Saturday 18th January saw the second round of four, of the Murrindindi Masters played at the Marysville GC. Yea had 29 of the 88 players involved on the day but only had Greg Clements bringing home a trophy winning B Grade with 38 points. Terry Chaplin had 37 points in C Grade and the best … Read more