Barham Golf Week

Golf Week 2023 saw the biggest turnout of Yealiens with 30 players and 10 supporters travelling to Barham, Murray Downs and Cohuna over 4 days of golf.

Day one at Barham saw Jeff Aurisch win with 40 points from Alan Pell second on CB from Anthony Coleman with 36. Fourth was Martin Lowe 34 on CB from Sam Wright and Gary Pollard. 4BBB winners were Jeff Aurisch/JohnTanner 43 from second Vicki Clements/Gary Pollard 40 CB from Alan Pell/Bob Glenister third. Sam Wright/Mic Sheather were fourth with 40 also.

Day 2 at Murray Downs saw Jeff Aurisch on fire with another 40 points to win from Jeff Moss 37, Margie Wright 34 and Greg Clements 33. Phil Armstrong/Jeff won the 4BBB with 47 points from second Jeff Moss/Anthony Coleman 44 and Margie Wright.Greg Clements third with 43.

Day three back at Barham saw Alan Pell wth 38 points win from Bob Glenister 36, Jeff Moss 35 on CB from Sam Wright fourth, Margie Wright and Anthony Coleman all on 35. 4BBB winners were Margie Wright/Judi Newman 46 from Tony Rule/Sam Wright 43 and Alan Pell/John Tanner 41 CB from Greg Clements/Jeff Moss.

Day 4 at Cohuna saw Bob Glenister win with 38 points from Meryl Connell 37 second. Third on CB was Anthony Coleman 36 from Rob O’Halloran fourth and Vicki Clements 5th. Best ball winners were Bob and Anthony with 46 from second on CB Rob O’Halloran/Vicki Clements 43, third Meryl Connell/Jeff Moss.

Overall results were: Margie Wright 101, Bob Glenister 102, Jeff Aurisch 105. There was a three way tie for Champion of the Week – Jeff Moss, Alan Pell and Anthony Coleman all on 107!!!

Group photo at Barham and Champions Photo to come

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