Monthly Medal to Tom

The March Monthly Medal was won by Tom White(37) with a nett 69. This continues Tom’s successes as he was a member of both the U15 and Senior C Grade Premiership Cricket sides this season.

Tom with his Monthly Medal

Second with nett 73 was John Phillips(21) on CB from Brian Simmons(11) third. Fourth was Tony Rule(18) with 75 on CB from Bill Dredge, Alan Pell and Rick Wills. There was no NTP on the 18th and John Tanner won the Club Award. The putting went to Brian Simmons with 28 putts. There will be a stableford competition on Wednesday for those not attending Golf Week at Barham.

Cindy Armstrong(34) with 31 points won the Ladies stableford on Saturday. Second was Lois O’Meara(40) with 30 points. Chooklotto and Greg Clements trumps Judi Newman and Rick Wills to take home $100.

Chooklotto winner Greg Clements

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