Championships continue

The second round of the Championships scored another glorious day. The morning beginning with the birds singing. Welcoming another the new day of competition. Light moisture on the greens captured the tracks of the little round ball on its journey to the sinking of the putt but drying out quickly as the day warmed. The calmness of the day did not portray the nerves simmering underneath those golfers going to do their best, each wanting a good score, the day being more favourable to some than others but that is golf is it not?

Sixteen ladies ventured out to strut their stuff. Adrianne Anglin claimed a Birdie Gobbler, Vicki Clements a Birdie while Di Holdsworth, Laraine Callander, & Regi Bell all had Gobblers. Competition for the championships heated up some increasing their leads but it is not over till the fat lady sings. Two more rounds to go!

I know we play a course that has a race track kicking around some of our fairways and I am wondering if we need to get the vet to take a swab, check for enhancements in the blood stream. Maybe it is the living next to the golf course has some major vibes that becomes an advantage, but whatever it is I need some. My computer is beginning to take the lazy way out, just hit the repeat button! Yep todays competition yet again Sue Aurisch (35) last week a 71 nett this week, well gee whiz I wasn’t happy with that I will just go an have a 69 nett this week. WELL DONE SUE! oh dear another hand over the wager El Captain! Runner up another great effort Adrianne Anglin (14) another 88 off the stick 74 nett! Great golfing girls!

Today IT was off to Marysville for some to have a wee bit of social stress free golf and entertainment. Thank you just maybe a little bit of normality is beginning to kick in hope the day was enjoyable! Next week we will continue HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!!!

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