A Star is Born

Golf golf golf don’t ya just love it, well most of the time sometimes it is just jolly frustrating but we love it so much we just keep on coming back. We’re going to get better one day! Proof is in the pudding some of us do!!!!!!

Saturday 10th October 6 teams strutted their stuff for a 2 person Ambrose. Team Vicki Clements and Regi Bell (17.5) teamed up to win the day with a 79.5. Runner uppers team Jan Wealands and Meryl Connell (14.5) having a 77.5 also claiming the NTP for the day. Player Di Holdsworth claiming the only gobbler.

Wednesday 14th October a Major prize today. All those clever people who managed to play and secure a monthly medal or maybe two in some cases 6 ladies in total graced the course to battle for the GOLD MEDAL. What a beautiful day it was. Sun shining, birds singing and the course looking absolutely magnificent. Kudos to those volunteers who keep our course looking spic n span we cannot thank you enough.

Well onto the results a lot happening. Sixteen ladies completed the 18 and another three the 9 holes. Quite a good crowd just like the spring flowers all appear to blossom when the sun is out.

One lady in particular out shone today having her best ever score. A very consistent Adrianne Anglin(16) just keeps on getting better and better. Last week she had an 88 off the stick this week she outdid herself having an 80 off the stick giving her a 64 nett. No need to guess who won the GOLD for the day as she was in the running. Adrianne also had a birdie. Congratulations Adrianne for having your best ever score you are a star!

Runner up Vicki Clements (24) 75 nett also claiming a birdie. Putting winner with a great score of 24 putts Meryl Connell. NTP on the 11th 2nd shot Christine Simmons. Gobblers for the day Penny Britton, Di Holdsworth, Meryl Connell & K Sangster.

The nine hole girls Robyn Parsons (54) on a countback from Jan Gilmartin (54) both on 41 nett Well done girls! great to see you our there.

Before I go I have one last announcement a little early but after all she is the star just couldn’t not mention HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIANNE for Mon 19th hope you have a absolute wonderful day!!!!

Happy golfing everyone!

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