Broadford Boys Welcomed

Wednesday’s saw 22 men from Broadford GC come to Yea for golf as their course was recently coored. With 20 Yea men hosting and 19 Ladies on the course it was fantastic to see the beautiful greens and fairways fully utilised. The competition was Stableford and the Winner from Broadford was Rob McDonald Jnr(26) with 35 points, second was G.Hopper(26) from Chris Ericksson(20) on CB with 31 points. Fourth on CB was Rob McDonald(26) with 30 points on CB from Laurie McDonald(17). Laurie Dobson was NTP on the 14th and Jimmy Doyle on the 18th.

For Yea, the Winner was David Ngo(23) with 38 points. Second on CB was Alan Pell(15) from third Bob Glenister(11) with 35 points. Bill Dredge(21) was fourth on CB from Jeff Aurisch(19) with 33 points. Alan Pell was NTP on the 2nd and Ray Partridge won the Club Award.

Wednesday 14th October

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