Barry Moore to Kev

Saturday saw the second round of the Barry Moore Trophy played at Royal Yea Golf Club. Leader of the first round Kevin Coghlan(19) was able to post 36 points and secure a 3 point win from second Wayne Rowe(13) who posted 35 points. Winner of the day on CB was Martin Lowe(17) from Carl Maffei(23) with Kevin third all on CB with 36 points. Fourth was Wayne, with fifth Brian Simmons(11) 34 on CB from Phil Armstrong (23). Brian was NTP on the 18th and Mark Mullaly won the Club Award. Brian Simmons also won the Birdie Hole(16th) for his playing group.

View of the dam from the 1st

Carl Maffei, Ray Partridge and Phil Armstrong have all won their second round matches in the Club Knockout. A reminder that all second round matches should be completed by the end of August. Wednesday sees Pair 22 Stableford. It can be played in threes with the lowest marker partnering the other two. Next Saturday sees the first round of Stableford in the 54 Hole Point Event.

The Yea Golf Club is announcing a special new membership for the current pandemic for new locals. Four months membership for $130 per adult ($220 family) covering August, September, October and November. Junior Membership (under 21) is still available for 12 months at $140. Apply online for the special 4 month membership or contact Club Captains Doreen Lehman/Alan Pell.

Saturday July 25th

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