Brian and Martin Win Pair 22

Seventeen players made up 10 teams for the Pair 22 – Stableford Event on Wednesday. Scoring points per hole each pair can receive whatever their Stableford score combined. It is possible to score 00,01,02,03,04,11,12,13,14,22,32,33,34,42,43 or 44 per hole. Obviously if both players score 2 points per hole then 18×22 = 396 score. Our winners with 344 points were Brian Simmons(11) and Martin Lowe(17). Second were Phil Armstrong(22) and Steve Rumney(30) with 326.

There was no NTP on the 10th for 2, with Russ Wealands and Joel King winning the Club Award. Individual Winner was Ray Partridge(24) on CB from Martin with35 points. Third on CB was Wayne Rowe(13) from Phil Armstrong(22) with 34 points.

Lachie Wischer and Wayne Rowe on the 15th fairway
Wednesday July 29th

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