Men Back in Town

Wednesday saw 17 players in the Gender Challenge contest a stableford round at Royal Yea GC.  Trailing severely the Men were able to claw back into contention with a dominant performance.

Some of the great shots taken by Steve Wealands from his drone

Winner of the day was Alan Pell(12) on CB from Russell Wealands(20) with 36 points.  Third was Jeff Aurisch(16) with 35 points from fourth Michael Spagnolo(7) with 34.  Best of the Ladies was Di Elliot(22) with 33 points from Vicki Clements(22) with 32 on CB from Miranda Gill(15) and Adrienne Anglin(15).  NTP on the 14th were Michael Spagnolo for the Men and Di Elliot for the Ladies.  The team averages were Ladies 31,4 to the Men 31.9. Bill Dredge secured the Club Award.

Gender points went to Men 42 and the Ladies 0!  Progressive scores are Ladies 94 Men 74.

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