Men, Men, Men, Men.

We humbly announce that the winners of the Summer 2017 Gender Competition were the men.  Winner of the day with an incredible +7 was Ian Jones(31) who recorded his best score at Yea of 94 off the stick.  Second of the day was Neil Peterson(13) with +1.  Third and winner for the ladies was Marj Gouldthorpe(29) with +1.  Vicky Butler(37) with square on CB was fourth overall and second for the ladies.  Third for the ladies was Mary-Ann Peterson with square on CB from Loraine Callander.  Third for the men was Alan Pell(12) with square also on CB from Carl Maffei(27) .  The men won the team average for 5 points.  There was no NTP on the 18th and the Club Award for men was won by Peter Johnson. There were eleven head to head matches conducted on the day:

Winners were Vicki Butler, Neil Peterson, Cheryl Roberts, Ian Jones, Bob Glenister, Alan Pell and Martin Lowe. They all earnt 10 points for their gender.  Loraine Callander and Carl Maffei, along with Michael Spagnolo and Karen Sangster, drew their matches earning 5 points each.

The men received 70 points from head to head matches plus 35 points from the day’s event.  The ladies received 40 points from head to head matches plus 7 points from the day’s event.

Grand Totals:  Ladies 268 plus 47 = 315     Men 287 plus 105 = 392!!

Next week will be a Mixed Ambrose Event before a sumptuous lunch provided by the ladies.


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  1. Sorry I forgot that Russell Wealands had a magnificent win over Di Elliot as well. My apologies to you Russell, Pelly


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