Men, Men, Men, Men.

We humbly announce that the winners of the Summer 2017 Gender Competition were the men.  Winner of the day with an incredible +7 was Ian Jones(31) who recorded his best score at Yea of 94 off the stick.  Second of the day was Neil Peterson(13) with +1.  Third and winner for the ladies was Marj Gouldthorpe(29) … Read more

Jeff wins Annual Medal Play off

Jeff still in good form   The 2016 medal play off for the men was held at Yea Golf Club on Saturday. Jeff Aurisch, who had won 2 monthly medals during the year, was the best performer of the medalists on the day and won the play off. His score of 69 nett was equal … Read more

Johnson Wins for Men

Peter Johnson with 37 points won the gender challenge on CB from Marj Gouldethorpe and Ian Jones 3rd.  Vicki Clements was 4th with 36 points.  The men won the team average and take a 19 point lead into the final day’s competition.  Head to head matches will be played for 10 points each as well as the normal winners points next week.  Scores are Ladies 268. Men 287.

Martin Lowe won NTP on the 14th and Alan Pell easily achieved the Club Award.

Men Bounce Back

The men produced the goods on Wednesday winning all points available in the gender challenge and have taken a 1 point leading into the final two weeks of competition.  Rob O’Halloran (18) with net 68 was first, Gary Pollard (9) was second with 70, third was Michael Spagnolo (10) with 71, fourth was Ian Jones … Read more

Spagnolo Shines

There was a good field of 21 men and 6 ladies playing on Saturday at Royal Yea.  Some played early to avoid the heat.  The winner of the stableford competition was Michael Spagnolo (10) with 36 points winning for the men, while Sue Aurisch (34) continues her fine form to record a win in the … Read more

Rob O’Halloran – Murrindindi Mini Master

Yea’s Rob O’Halloran underwent a complete form reversal this week to become the Men’s Eildon ‘Mini Master‘. Saturday was the 2nd Round of the Murrindindi Masters played on the tight Eildon Golf Course. It seems like there is nothing quite like winning the Club’s often hated ‘Club Award’ for having the worst score to spur … Read more

Sue Aurisch Wins Again

It was like deja-vous for Mid Week golfers on Wednesday as Sue Aurisch won for two weeks in a row, with 42 points off her new handicap of 37. Fifteen men and seven ladies contested the gender contest which continues over the summer. Second on the day and men’s winner was Michael Spagnolo on 39 points … Read more

Anstey Sets Pace

John Anstey with 39 points set the early pace on Saturday.  Playing in the morning he and runner up Russell Wealands with 38 points took advantage of the cooler weather.  Neil Peterson with 37 points beat Terry Chaplin on CB for third.  Neil also won NTP on the 10th for 2. Bruce Kindred won the … Read more

Aurisch Wins Midweek

With 15 men versus 4 women it was looking good for the men.  Sue Aurisch(40) with 42 points set the cat amongst the pidgeons with a fine win over the men in our Wednesday’s golf.  Her husband Jeff(14) with 39 points was second in the gender competition.  Runner up for the Ladies was Vicky Butler(37) … Read more