From the Presidents Desk

Welcome to the first communication for 2020:

Firstly, I would like to welcome all the New Members, and we hope you will enjoy your golf at Royal Yea. If you have any questions at all relating to YGC, feel-free to contact myself, Alan Pell (Mens Captain) or Vicky Butler (Ladies Captain):

As always I would like to congratulate all the volunteers for giving us such a great course to play on… a big thank you from all of us:

Yet another thanks to the volunteers who resurrected the old Spray unit, which at one stage was destined for the scrap heap. With their help and a bit of spit and polish the old unit looks new again and is back working:

There’s a New Game for all Members to enjoy …the ‘Pluck a Duck’ wheel! Anytime you are at the club, on a competition day that is, use the book provided to enter your name, against your preferred number, and then put $2 in the money box – you could win $100, $50, $20, or a Ralphs Baseball hat, with the spin of the wheel:

You’d be interested to know that I’ve attended a lot of meetings over the last month – a couple of examples…Golf Australia, to talk about the New Handicap system, which comes into play early February (more details down the track) then a group of us met with Murray Goulburn Water, regarding the quality of the water which we purchase from them. They have advised they will conduct trials over the next couple of weeks, which COULD improve the quality of the water we use on fairways, tees and greens. More information at a later date.

And just a reminder to all players, our ‘Heat Policy’ is in affect, however, if you want to play earlier that is fine by us.

Just remember our most important local rule at Royal Yea…Have fun

Until next time – Good golfing

Ivor Brayley

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