100 Year Celebration Tournament

Tuesday saw a wonderful day for the Club with its celebration of 100 years with a Tournament – 4 Person Ambrose Format. Nearly 70 players plus 15 supporters attended the Cup Day event. We received 3 teams from Airport GC and had several returning locals all in the field. Past President David Lawson attended the event. David was instrumental in Yea getting grass greens over 25 years ago.

With 18 teams hitting off at 9am the weather and course were ideal. Winners 66 of the stick nett 54 3/8 were Paul Kenney, Kyan Barclay, Luke Barclay and David Kenney. Second were Brendan Chenhall, Rick Wills, Tom White and Rene with 63 off the stick nett 54 3/4. Third were a three person team from visiting Airport GC, Skip, Lino and Illi with a sensational 62 off the stick nett 55 2/3. Fourth were youngsters Jack Kenney, Jobe Dunne, Taris Dunne and Cody Dunne with 74 off the stick nett 55 3/4.

NTP winners were Brendan Chenhall, Jason, Rick Wills, Dave Kenney, Meryl Cotton and Khia Jarvis. Chip in Winners from 19 -12 meters were Jobe Dunne, Gary Anquetil, “Arthur” from Airport GC and John Phillips.

Lunch of Chicken Salad was held afterwards, with “fashion on the field”conducted before the big race.

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