A.H. Smith Trophy

Neil Peterson

Today saw 20 men contest the second round of the A.H. Smith Trophy.  Daily winner with 41 points was Tom White(23) from second on CB and Smith Trophy Winner Neil Peterson(16) with 38 from third Peter Johnston(20).  Fourth on CB with 35 points was Rick Wills(9) from Tony Rule, Gary Pollard and Anthony Coleman.  Anthony won NTP on the second and Bill Dredge was the lucky $10 Club Award Winner.

Neil had 75 points over the two rounds of the Smith Trophy.  Second was Rick Wills 67 and John Phillips was third with 65.

Chooklotto stipend was won by Rob O’Halloran.

If you ever wanted to see a happy golfer it was today when Russ Wealands aced the 11th hole!! Hitting a 5 wood it travelled straight (a bit unusual) and landed before the hole and rolled in!! Old eyes didn’t quite see it but when approaching the hole no visible ball so Russ checked the hole and voila!!

Martin Lowe( Yea Medical Clinic) was pleased to hand over the $300 to an appreciative Russ. Our first hole in one on the 11th!

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