Clements on a roll!

Thankfully after many cancelations of Dalhousie events, mainly due to either weather or, everyone being near and far, making the numbers attending, very low, at last, we were able to attend Kilmore’s Tournament, Thursday 21st September. Weather very kind to us, except for the chill in the wind, and the Magpies, not so much. They were on a mission, protecting their nests, or were, just feeling in a downright unhappy frame of mind. Certainly took some dodging at times. The Course, also a little tricky for some, others, didn’t phase them a bit! Like our local girl, Vicki Clements, who was just pipped at the post by one point, to have the best Nett Score for the field. Top effort! Vicki also just missed out on a NTP. But all was not lost, she came home with 4 Player of the year points and an awesome raffle prize. Soothed the day a little. Well done Vicki.

Back home today, Saturday 23rd September, the sun was shinning, birds a singing, and yes our Magpies seemed, also in a quiet harmonious mood. 8 ladies took to the course on this fine day, enjoying a wee game of golf. Once again Vicki Clements, after a fast catch up start, had a great day coming in with a fine score of 37 points. The little hiccup, not bothering her at all. Myself, Karen Sangster runner up, also claiming the only gobbler for the day. Cheryl Roberts, pleased with herself no end took out the NTP. Well done Cheryl. To follow up the great games of golf, an afternoon tea, fit for a king graced the tables for presentations. Well done girls an awesome job!

Next week girls the last monthly medal up for grabs, then to follow the Bruce Kindred Cup on Friday. Happy Golfing everyone!!!

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