Winter Golf Brrrrr!

It’s here! In full bloom, cold, wet, heavy, foggy, you name it. Golf being a much harder game in these conditions. But, still, we front up, or at least those who have not yet vacated to the warmer climates.

Sat 3rd June, another day of, will we venture out, or won’t we? Sure, we will be ok, lets go! 7 players braved the day. For some, it was a good outcome. Winner of the day Margie Wright (25) 78, Runner up Di Elliott (30) 79. I think it was the entertainment that improved their games. The photo says it all. You know it’s just one of those days when you stand up, ready to tee off, going to land it on the green. Well you thought you were, you had it already landed next to the pin, when whoops. Oh no, how did that happen. The ball lands not much further than where you already stood, in your mind, making that top shot. Dream on! Well after the, oh gee that’s not like you, feigning concern, when underneath all wanting to burst out laughing. Karma has a habit of repaying, in this instance, the next player, going to also land it on the green, makes her strike. Well oh golly gosh, another big whoops, but doesn’t bat an eyelid, says, well at least I outdrove you. Nobody could contain the fits of laughter after that. Who says golf isn’t fun

Moving right along Wednesday 7th, was to be the Monthly Medal and putting competition. Day beginning VERY WET, and heavy underfoot, the Captain decided on making a wise decision, cut the event back to 9 holes. Eight players ventured out, attempting to play in the torrid conditions. Although all returning, looking very much like drowned rats, for Cindy, being her first experience playing in the rain and a welcome back to Jo, made for an interesting day, but all still smiling. Winner for the day (Monthly Medal) Adrianne Anglin (6) 39. Runner up Jan Wealands (16) 41. Jan with 12 putts won the putting comp and also a gobbler for the day. No NTP .

No comp for Sat 10th, which brings us to Wednesday 14th, another dismal day, four players finished the eighteen, all having very close scores, and one player 9 holes. Today the 3rd round of the Silver Spoon went to Meryl Connell (28) 32 NTP Adrianne Anglin. Well done Ladies. We will keep our fingers crossed for dryer golfing days. Happy Golfing!

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