Prideaux Cup

Golf on Saturday saw the second round of the Prideaux Cup played at Royal Yea. Postponed from last Saturday due to a wet course, the winner was Greg Clements with 68 points from second Brian Simmons 67, Brendan Chenhall 66 and Tom White 64. The daily winner was Brian Simmons(12) with 36 points from second Tom White(31) 35, Bill Dredge(20) 32 third and Bob Glenister(9) fourth with 32 as well. NTP on the 14th was Brendan Chenhall and the Club Award was won by Rick Wills for the first time!

Greg Clements with the Prideaux Trophy

Wednesday mens golf saw eight players contest a stableford round with President Gary Pollard(12) winning with 38 points from second Rob O’Halloran(20) with 37 points. There was no NTP on the 11th and Russ Wealands won the Club Award.

Tony Rule Putting at the indoor games night.

Friday night saw about 25 members enjoy an indoor games night with hookey, quoits, darts and putting featured in the pairs competition. Jan Wealands and Sue Spagnolo won the Ladies and Men winners were Mic Spagnolo and Jeff Aurisch. Many thanks to Phil Armstrong and his set-up team for organising the activity and Di Holdsworth for providing an excellent tea afterwards.

Saturday night Chooklotto saw congratulations to Bob Glenister (don’t tell Barb) choosing the correct envelope with $100 leaving Rick Wills with second prize of not much value.

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