Mona Clark Trophy completed!

Wednesday the 31st May, lucky last day of Autumn, although it already feels a little like winter. I am sure it won’t be long and a number of our members, will be acting like the migrating birds, spreading their wings, or in this case , revving up the engines, smoking a tyre or two, heading to warmer climates. Can’t say that I blame them. Many safe travels to all.

Until then, today was the last round of the Mona Clark Trophy – Stableford Event. As I mentioned before, Mona, a life member, who played for more than 50 years, first awarded her trophy in 1984. The first round was won by another life member , Miranda Gill (17), with an impressive 33 points, runner up Adrianne Anglin (11) 32. A closely contested round.

Seven Ladies hit the field today, trying their luck to shorten the odds. Sorry girls, it was not to be. The two leading ladies were not giving an inch. Miranda Gill (18) strengthened her lead, coming in with a hot 37 points, was it enough to take the prize. With baited breath, all were waiting on the return of Adrianne Anglin (12) . What would be her score? Could she exceed Miranda’s fine form. For Adrianne, today it was not to be. Miranda the winner with a total score of 70. Adrianne, a nice 67, not far away. Top job Ladies. Congratulations. 3 Gobblers were also on the go today. Miranda, Penny Britton and Cindy Armstrong. No NTP.

With winter now official, starting time will now be 9.30 for a 10.00 start. Hopefully giving the fog a little time to disperse. Happy Golfing!!

Captain Jan Wealands presenting Life Member Miranda Gill, the Mona Clark Trophy 2023

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