Bitter and Sweet

The time had come. Pennant Finals. A long hard road, but we made it to the finals. Today, was make it or break it. Broadford, was the host club today, and once again they put on another rain free day. We so like those days. The pressure of the day was enough to handle, without contending with the rain. Emotions were running at an all time high, you could see the energies oozing from the very pores, of the players. Enough, to melt the dew on the ground, with each step taken closer to the 1st Tee. Would my first hit be a good one? Fingers crossed. The first ball away, is always the worst. Today we won the toss, so I chose to hit off first. We came equipped with our caddies, needing all the support we could muster. Our Team today Karen Sangster, Margie Wright, Vicki Clements, Di Elliott and Sue Aurisch all out to do our utmost best. Some of our players, their very first year trying the game of Pennant, up against a very seasoned Team from Marysville. It was a great battle, many lasting until the last hole before submitting to defeat. Three having lost, there was no need for the last two to finish their game, although they too, were nearing the end, the result, would not have helped the cause. Sadly for us Marysville were the victors. Congratulations Girls!. To our players, I could not have been more proud of their valiant efforts, to bring us to the winning circle. Thanks girls, ours next year!!

Wednesday it was back home to contend the first round of the Mona Clark Trophy, Stableford. Mona began her golfing career in 1934, at the age of 18, and continued to play for more than 50 years, Mona was made a life member, who also served as Lady President in 1963,64 & 65. Mona first awarded the Mona Clark Shield in 1984. Today was very interesting. Everyone knows Yea likes the fog, but for some reason, today it was the thickest, on the golf course. As we stood to hit our ball, it was a case of, watch it leave, to have idea of the direction, to look for your ball. No one could utter oh, what a good drive. To actually find it, was going to be quite a conundrum. The scene was one off a movie, the characters disappearing into the mist, never to be found again. One had to wait awhile, before hitting, in fear they may knock someone out. Not knowing where they were. Hence the atmosphere very heavy. It wasn’t until around 11.00 there was a glimpse of the sun, trying it’s best to shine on through, and that it did. The day finished we all returned to a high tea and presentations. Today the daily winner, Miranda Gill (17) 34 points with runner up Adrianne Anglin (11) 33 points. As this is the first round, today was a daily winner only. Next week the big one. NTP Cindy Armstrong and gobblers a plenty today, Di Elliott, Sue Aurisch, Adrianne Anglin and Karen Sangster. Good Luck for the next round.

Thursday 6 girls (2 Teams) travelled to the rolling hills of Strathogie, where the elements, although no rain, were very cool. The only wins for today were, Adrianne Anglin winning a NTP and 5 player of the year points. Well done. The rest, well, they enjoyed the lunch provided, always a treat from the Strathbogie girls, so all was not lost. Happy Golfing All!

The Pennant girls and their Caddies plus one ring in Lesley from Marysville

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