Pair Multiply Stableford

Wednesday saw 15 men contest a pair multiply stableford event at Royal Yea. It is a great maths revision for some as 4 x 0 still = 0! Winners with 63 points were Jeff Aurisch(20)/Alan Pell(14). Second on 61 CB were Bob Glenister(9)/Rob O’Halloran(18) from third Gary Pollard(12)/Brian Priestley(27). NTP on the 11th went to Rob O’Halloran and Gary Pollard/Bill Dredge won the Club Award.

Individual winner of the day was Anthony Coleman(4) with 35 points on CB from Bob Glenister(9).

Friday night at 4pm a 6 hole event was organised by Phil Armstrong for the Club. This pre comp ($2 in – winner take all) was held before our second drinks & nibbles night at 5pm. Winner of the loot was Lois O’Meara with 17 stableford points!

1988 bar prices were had during happy hour and fabulous lamb and pork rolls were available as well. We had 17 at golf and 22 all up on the night which closed about 7:30pm. Second Friday of next month is scheduled for the next drinks night.

Friday Happy Hour

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