Bro beats Sis on CB

First day of Gender Challenge and Michael Sheather(32) wins on CB from his sister Vicki Clements(25) and third Carl Maffei(26) all with 38 points. Fourth overall was Steve Rumney(29) with 37 from fifth Ladies Club Captain Jan Wealands(30) with 36. Neil Peterson and Jan Wealands were NTP on the 10th and the Club Award went to Michael Spagnolo. Third for the Ladies was Penny Brittain(40) with 35. The Men won the team average with 33.2 to the Ladies 27.6. There were 13 men and 10 ladies in the competition. Gender Points after Round 1 are Men 60 – Ladies 25.

Sunday saw two of our Juniors play at Woodend in a Junior Tournament. Tom White 14 year old playing in his first tournament came second in the handicap division. Jen Keast took Archie Armstrong 8 year old to Woodend also. He was the youngest there and really enjoyed it! Archie got NTP on the first and everyone is so proud of him.

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