Mens Championship

Saturday saw the second of three rounds available for the Mens Championship at Royal Yea. With the warm weather and plenty of sunshine conditions in just two weeks have changed the course into a bouncy track.

Winner of the day was Alan Pell(15) with 82 off the stick nett 67. Second was Carl Maffei(26) with a nett 68 with Rick Wills(10) third nett 70. Fourth was Brendan Chenhall(10) with nett 71 on CB from Phil Armstrong(21) fifth. Carl Maffei was NTP on the second and John Phillips won the Club Award. Rick, Alan and Carl won their respective grades.

Lucky Kev Coghlan.

There were 27 men and 5 ladies playing on Saturday. Judi Newman(49) won the Ladies Stableford with 43 points. Chooklotto super draw was won by Kevin Coghlan $100. Carl Maffei won the Koala cherries.

Sunday saw the final round played with 17 men contesting the day. Winner of the day was Rick Wills(9) 65 from second Martin Lowe(20) 66 with Rob O’Halloran(20) third with nett 68. Bill Dredge(21) was fourth with nett 69. There was no NTP on the 2nd and Jeff Aurisch won the Club Award. Rick, Martin and Bill won their respective grades.

Overall with the best two out of three rounds to count in the Grade Championships and the best three nett scores for the Clarke Trophy, the winners were: A Grade Champion – Anthony Coleman(154), Runner-Up – Rick Wills(154), Best Nett – Rick Wills (207). B Grade Champion – Alan Pell(168), Runner- Up – Neil Peterson -(177), Best Nett – Alan Pell (208). C Grade Champion – Phil Armstrong(184), Runner-Up – Bill Dredge – (186), Best Nett – Phil Armstrong(220). Clarke Trophy to Rick Wills.

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