At Last Golf of some sort!

Today was a game of golf with a difference. Unable to play some of the holes (WET WET) a course was mapped out by our wonderful Team of who makes the final decisions enabling us to play a game of sorts. So it was put into play an unusual course of round robin holes to make up the eighteen. Unfortunately the course being long grass and some places wet it was Tee up on the fairways. Keeping an eye on the ball was a necessity if you wanted to find said ball. Lots of walking and searching done today. By the end of the day we were a little pooped, some of the girls finishing after completing 9 holes, the going too hard. But we were blessed with a bright sunny day! Haven’t seen too many of those recently. Quite a shock to the system, major heat wave, lots of red faces at the end of the day.

Today we had two things to finalize, that being the Gold Medal and Silver spoon play off. Those whom had qualified during the year went out to try their luck. Of course also the daily event. This year our winner was a very pleased Vicki Clements(26). Congratulations Vicki you took the pool today winning all three competitions having a 74 nett. Vicki will go onto compete in the final of the Silver spoon at Chirnside Park on the 21st November. Well Done!! Runner up today was myself Karen Sangster (25) 76 nett and also claiming a gobbler. We had no NTP.

Hopefully soon courses will dry out enough that we can enjoy a good game of Golf!

Winner 2022

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