Golf Week 2023

Next year’s Golf Week 2023 – March 26th(Sun.) – 31st(Thurs.) to be held at Barham playing at Cohuna and Murray Downs as well.

Tentative program for Yea GC: Sunday – Travel Day with Group Tea at Club Barham 6:30pm. Free shuttle bus available from Barham Golf Club facilities. Barham Golf facilities include onsite ensuites/kitchen for caravans, 4 or 6 person units on course, plus family units(2 bedroom) as well.

Monday – 18 holes at Barham GC

Tuesday – travel 60 min north to Murray Downs GC for 18 holes. BBQ tea at Barham kitchen facilities.

Wednesday – 18 holes at Barham GC, probably 11:00 hit off after their Ladies have teed off.

Thursday – 18 holes at Cohuna GC 20 minutes away on the way home.

Golfing details have not been finalised. If interested please let Alan know so he can arrange possible numbers for golf.

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