And Then There Was 5!

Wednesday saw heavy conditions from the rain Monday night. No Ladies ventured out (probably sane) but 5 Men set out to conquer the elements. No rain for the first nine and then some drizzle on the second nine. Best of the devotees was Alan Pell(15) with 33 points from second Phil Armstrong(20) 29 on CB from Eildon’s Russell Haack(16). Martin Lowe won the Club Award on CB. There was no NTP on the 18th.

Saturday sees the “Capt. V Pres. Slab” day. It is a stableford round with players selected for teams at the completion of play. Preferred lies through the green. Remember that if on a fairway you can take a club length to find some dry grass(casual water relief). Carts need to stick to rough/edge of fairways.

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