Myrtleford/Bright Golf Week

Monday saw 22 players play Myrtleford GC in the first day of the golf week. Winner with 35 points was Anthony Coleman who won the sunglasses( free drinks) with Vicki Clements 34 second. Equal third were Jan Wealands, Rob O’Halloran and Jo Clayton with 32, Rob O’Halloran with 31 was fourth. Penny Britton, Alan Pell and Paul Clayton had 30 equal fifth. Four ball winners were Penny Britton/Anthony Coleman with 43. Equal second were Rob O’Halloran/Jan Wealands and Paul Clayton/Vicki Clements with 42.

Tuesday at Bright Country GC saw Paul Clayton scoring 36 points winning. Conditions were ideal with outstanding fairways and greens for a country course. Greg Clements with 34 was second, Equal third were Margie Wright, Jo Clayton and Mic Sheather with 33. Sixth was Alan Pell with 31. John Phillips, Sam Wright and Anthony Coleman had 29. Winners of the four ball were Russ Wealands/Mic Sheather with 43, Jeff Aurisch/Greg Clements 41, Jo Clayton/Margie Wright and Paul Clayton/Alan Pell 40.

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