Steve Rumney Medallist

Saturday saw 21 men contest the Monthly Medal with Steve Rumney(28) showing a strong recovery from the Club Award Wednesday. He had a 69 nett to win by a shot from Brendan Chenhall(15) second on CB from Rob O”Halloran(200 third and Mic Spagnolo(8) fourth all on nett 70. Phil Armstrong(23) was fifth on CB from Malcolm Bett(24) on nett 71. The putting was won by John Tanner again with 24 putts. They Club Award went to Paul Clayton.

The Sichlau Trophy was decided on Saturday as well. Best four rounds nett of a possible six determine the winner. Showing consistent form over the year was Michael Spagnolo with 283 nett. Last year’s winner Martin Lowe recorded 288. The top 10 results are shown below.

This Wednesday sees the start of the Summer Gender Challenge with a stableford round starting at 8:30 am. Next Saturday sees the Gold Medal playoff for winning Medallists to contend. Those players being Neil Ross, Jonathan Fisher, John Phillips, Greg Clements, Lachie Wischer and Steve Rumney. Best result from those guys wins the Gold Medal.

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