Neil Ross Above Par

Fourteen men played Wednesday in a par competition at Royal Yea. Winner with +2 was Neil Ross(35) from David Ngo(19) with +1. Neil Peterson(14) was third on CB from Phil Armstrong(23) with square. No NTP on the 18th and Steve Rumney won the Club Award.

Yea had 7 players out of 36 at Vets on Thursday at Strathbogie GC. Sue Aurisch winning B Grade with 35 points and Russ Wealands Runner-Up with 30 points. New Vets member Allan Coates had 32 points and Alan Pell had 37 in A Grade but couldn’t match the 39 and 38 points for the Winners.

Karen reported about our successful girls at Eildon but I think Brendan Chenhall was also Runner-Up in A Grade for the men with 34 points on CB from another Yealien Jonathon Fisher.

Saturday sees tthe he men play their Monthly Medal – Stroke and Putting and is also the last round of the Sichlau Trophy.

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