Adrianne Leads the Way

Twenty nine players attended the first round of the Summer Gender Challenge on Wednesday with Adrianne Anglin(15) posting the best score of 41 points. Second and best of the Men was Norm McCallum(40) with 40 points. Third with 39 was Neil Ross(35) from fourth on CB Russell Wealands(22) from fifth Vicki Clements(24) on 38 points. Many thanks to Phil Armstrong and Koala Cherries for the two prizes for our respective gender winners, The team average went to the Men 34.5 to the Ladies 31.6. NTP on the 2nd was Rob O’Halloran – Men, Sue Aurisch – Ladies.

Club Award Winner for the men was Bill Dredge with 29 points! Ladies 3rd place went to Sue Aurisch(33) with 35 and her other half Jeff(18) was fourth with the men with 38 points also. The total Gender Points after round 1 are Men 55 – Ladies 30. The next round – stroke and putting will be after Xmas on the 29/12.

Next Wednesday the men are at Warburton and the Ladies at Mandalay. The following Wednesday(15th) is our Xmas Breakup with 3 person Ambrose. Please bring a plate and a Kris Kringle present.

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