Stableford Results

Wednesday.saw the first round of the Winter Gender Competition at Royal Yea. With 29 players conditions were heavy with little roll on the fairways. Winner of the day with 33 points on CB was Chris Smith(19) from Phil Armstrong(22) second. Third on 32 was Ken Whitfort(3) from fourth Bob Glenister(9) on CB from fifth David Ngo(19) on 31 points. First of the Ladies was Di Elliott(26) with 30 points on CB from Runner-Up Adrianne Anglin(13).

The team averages were 28.6 Men to the Ladies 24.4. NTP on the 10th for 2 for the Men was Alan Pell and NTP on the 10th for 3 was Adrianne Anglin. The Club Award was won by Jonathan Fisher.

So after round 1 the Men take all the points to lead 85/0. Round 2 will continue next Wednesday with a Par Competition.

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