Dredge and Clements Win Board Events

Even though it was wet on Saturday 19 men contested the second round of the NJ Murray stableford. Winner of the day and the NJ Murray was Bill Dredge(19) with 36 points. Second with 32 points was Brendan Chenhall(14) on CB from third Michael Spagnolo(7) and fourth Jeff Aurisch(18). Martin Lowe was NTP on the 2nd and also won the Club Award. Bill won the NJ Murray by 10 points from Carl Maffei second.

Greg Clements and Bill Dredge

The playoff for the Prideaux Cup between Jonathan Fisher and Greg Clements went down to a CB after 18 holes. Winner was Greg Clements

Thankyou to Koala Cherries for their sponsorship of the second hole.

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