Winners are Grinners

What a week it has been in more ways than one. Monday off to the Antarctica of Trentham for pennant. Man it was cold. The positive for the day we actually got to finish most of the holes before the heavens opened up, the rain getting really heavy. Not a fun day. Sadly 4 of us didn’t have a victory but happily we had one shinning star for the day. Well done girls for having a go. Go Yea!

Wednesday what a contrast, sun shinning, birds singing etc etc. Today was the second round of the the Kath Homewood 36 hole aggregate. Kath having been a Lady President, Lady Captain, Life member, Lady President of Dalhousie, a tireless worker for the club and an all round good golfer for many years. Her Trophy a prize. This year’s winner a new member of the club and I might say a very keen member who has come along in leaps n bounds. The first round 14th April she had a handicap of 54 having 121 off the stick for a 67 nett. Second round 12th May her handicap 43 having 118 off the stick for a 75 nett. Not a big gap time wise. She is on a role. Congratulations to our winner Sharon Grogan keep it up.

Moving on Today Thursday we were off to Euroa for their tournament. What can we say we have another winner Meryl Connell taking out C grade Handicap, NTP and 5 player of the year points. Great effort!!! Meryl dipped out on a countback for the scratch winner. Congratulations !!!! Thankfully the weather was great didn’t rain.

Monday we are off to Seymour for the next round of Pennant hope we go well girls. For us more importantly we are having our Bowl 20th May, 9.30 for a 10.00 o’clock start taking care if the fog should appear! Hope to see you all there!!!!! Happy Golfing Everyone!!

Meryl Connell Winner C Grade Handicap Euroa

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