Lockout Rescheduling

With the current 7 day lockout, there will need to be some reorganisation of the Club’s program. Firstly the second round of the NJ Murray will be contested on Saturday 3rd July. If there is no further restrictions then next Saturday will be the June Monthly Medal followed by the Prideaux Cup on the following two Saturdays. On the 26th June we have our Mixed 4BBB Championship, with a stableford event for those not involved. The NJ Murray will be the following Saturday.

The men’s Club Knockout should have been started. To qualify a member must have played a round this year. We have many more members eligible this year which is in its third year with previous winners being Gary Pollard and Carl Maffei. The idea of members playing with another member either in social or competitive golf is the main objective. Play by dates will have to be changed and are guide lines only. Please let Alan know if he has missed you or if you are unable to play and notify him of results.

This year there will be 13 players who will receive a bye for the first round. They will play the winners of round 1 in round 2. The draw has been done and play by dates will be

June 25th 1st round  ie, 1 v 2(16 matches) Then JJuly 23rd 2nd round ie.Winner (1v2) v 3 (16 matches). August 20th  3rd round  ie. Winner (1v2v3) v Winner (4v5v6) (8 matches). Sept. 3rd 4th Round ie.Winner (1-6) v Winner (7-12) (4 matches). Sept. 10th Semi finals (2 matches). Sept !7th Final  Playing conditions are listed in the Club Program.

Round 1Winner versusRound 2Round 3Round 4SemiFinalWinner
M.Mullaly v____________K.Whitfort_____________
A.Pell v____________M.Lowe_____________
N.Ross v____________T.Connell_____________
R.Wills v_____________
P.Armstrong v_____________G.Pollard_____________
J.Anstey v_____________J.Phillips_____________
R.O’Halloran v_____________J.Tanner_____________
I.Brayley v_____________S.wright_____________
D.Ngo v_____________J.Aurisch__________________________
B.Glenister v_____________C.Smith_____________
G.McLatchie v_____________M.Sheather_____________
A.Atkins v_____________
M.Bett v_____________H.Stares_____________
G.Clements v_____________B.Moore_____________
T,Chaplin v_____________C.Maffei_____________
G.Bryant v_____________
2021 Club Knockout

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