Winners a PLENTY!

Well folks it just all keeps on happening Success after success. When your on fire your on fire. Last week an A Grade win at Alexandra then onto Lancefield to have one ripper of a day! Adrianne Anglin winning the Lancefield cup, Scratch winner 86 strokes top effort! Also earning another player of the year point to add to her collection. Unfortunately these points are earnt on nett not gross otherwise would have been another clean up. Also one of our lovely ladies Jan Wealands also had a great day out with a nett 71 sadly was pipped at the post on a dreaded countback for C grade and I think earnt 2 player of the year points. Well done ladies you both certainly did our Club Proud.

Adrianne Anglin Winner Lancefield Cup 2021

Back home Saturday Golf eight players went out to battle the 18 holes. Some surprising themselves with their results one way or another. Todays Winner Di Holdsworth (26) 36 pts winner on a three way countback. 2nd Christine Simmons (23) also 36 and last but not least third placing Doreen Lehmann (31) and you guessed it 36 points. Two Ladies completed 9 holes with Vicky Butler (35) 21 pts the victor.

Some were also very busy girls Christine Simmons a Birdie and a gobbler. Laraine Callander a birdie and another two gobblers achieved by Di Holdsworth and Doreen Lehmann. Top start to the Season girls. Our NTP on the day. One not actually having to be on the green was won by one of our new girls Christine Armstrong which was only one of her achievements for the day because she managed to skim another 3 strokes off her handicap now a 49 Awesome! Doreen Lehmann and Christine Simmons also shaved a stroke, Christine now 22 and Doreen 30 Congratulations!

Now we move onto today Wednesday 10.3.21. thirteen Ladies 18 holes, two 9 holes. A three Clubs and a putter day. What a wonderful day it was. Perfect Golf weather, sun shinning after a cool start, birds singing and not to forget the machinery thumping in the background, quite a rhythm happening. Not sure who was in tune or not in tune with whom but one lady absolutely was thinking who cares she had not a care in the world and not too many clubs to worry about today. Di Elliott proudly came in with 39 points. Di me thinks you should lighten the load it certainly worked well today congratulations! Our two ladies in the 9 hole comp Robyn Parsons the winner 19 points. One gobbler today Miranda Gill. Our NTP on the 11th today had a twist. As long as you were on the fairway those coming through could move the marker if they were closer than the previous player. Walking along as it were. As I watched my playing partner smoothly hit her ball onto the green as calm as a cucumber, not surprising her usual play was thinking well here goes I will have a wee hit not using the usual driver not expecting it to get anywhere the distance well shock horror I gonna go use it again! little bit of the Toyota jump here my only claim to fame I DID IT! Ok now moving right along Tomorrow is Woodend am hoping I will have something outstanding to report next week Good Luck to those attending. Boy do they have some BIG Hills. Saturday we are holding our turn for the Murrindindi Masters GO YEA!!! HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!

Our very happy winner 3 sticks n a putter DI Elliott

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