Round 3 dun n dusted!

Not sure if it’s winter or spring today. The chill factor is indicating more to the winter side of things. Thankfully yesterday it was not the case. The day began a perfect day for golf but during the later part the rain appeared making a nuisance of itself although not enough to dampen the spirits being the third round of the Championships.

As we know we all have the daily competition running in conjunction with the Championships. Must admit I was wondering if I would be able to just push the repeat button with the results but no. I just had to turn around and reprogram everything. Some people were not happy with their previous performances and so just had to go and lift their game to outdo themselves. I think one was worrying about the wager getting out of hand. All in all there were some top scores for the day but as we know there can be only one winner. Today two ladies both had a corker score of 66 nett well done girls! but alas one had to miss out on a countback. Today our Captain Doreen Lehmann (35) and Regi Bell (35) fought the battle and the winner was yep you guessed it Doreen Lehmann took the honours regaining some of her wager. They all had been watching Sue. Think they discovered her secret.

Birdies for the day Vicki Clements and Adrianne Anglin. Gobblers Doreen Lehmann and Adrianne Anglin who also smashed out another great score of eighty three off the stick. Very impressive. NTP K Sangster.

One and final round next week. ALL will be decided! HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!!!!!

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