Ollie Wins Medal

33 men played the second round of the Championships on Saturday. It was a Monthly Medal Round and the 5th round of the Sichlau Trophy. Winner with an incredible 88 off the stick was Oliver Wischer(27) with a 61 nett. He also wins $35 for winning C Grade. B Grade Winner was Martin Lowe(17) with nett 70 ($30) and A Grade Winner was Ken Whitfort(7) with nett 72 ($17.50). Pitting was won by Jeff Aurisch with an outstanding 22 putts! There was no NTP on the 11th. Mark Mullaly won the Club Award.

Runner’s Up in C Grade was Darcy Pell(30) 2 balls with nett 69 from third Dan O’Dwyer(22) 1 ball with nett 71. B Grade Runner’s Up was Jeff Aurisch(19) 2 balls with nett 72 from third Jonathon Fisher(16) 1 ball nett 73. A Grade Runner’s Up was Bob Glenister(11) 2 balls from Brian Simmons(12) 1 ball on CB with nett 75.

So after 2 rounds of the Championship Rick Wills has a 7 shot lead in A Grade, Greg Clements has a 8 shot lead ein B Grade and Bill Dredge has a 3 shot lead in C Grade with one round next Saturday to be played. Handicap changes from today are: Kevin 19-20, David 22-23, Darcy 30-28, Neil 14-15, Chris 22-23, John 20-21 and Oliver 27-23. The Clark Trophy which is for the lowest Nett Score has Greg Clements at 143, Rick Wills at 144, Bill Dredge and David Ngo 147, Martin Lowe 148 and Jeff Aurisch andbRob O’Halloran 149.

Saturday 10/10/20

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