Pelly Wins on CB

Twenty-two players contested the first round of the 54 Hole Points Event on Saturday at Royal Yea Golf Course. Winner on CB with 34 points was Captain Alan Pell(16) from Rick Wills(10) second. Third also on CB with 33 points was Brian Simmons(11) from fourth Greg Clements(16) and fifth Carl Maffei (23). NTP was Steve Rumney on the 2nd and Mark Mullaly was the Club Award Winner.

The 54 Hole Point awards were as follows: A.Pell 10, R.Wills 9, B.Simmons 8, G.Clements 7, C.Maffei 6, M.Lowe 5, B.Dredge 4, P.Johnston 3, M.Spagnolo 2 and S.Rumney 1. Wednesday sees a two person Ambrose being played and next Saturday is the second round of the 54 Hole Event – Par.

Reminder of the special pandemic membership of $130 for four months to locals. No football or netball available, so enjoy the green fairways and come and play golf.

Saturday August 1st.

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