Ambrose Competition

Seventeen men forming 8 teams played Ambrose on Wednesday. Winners of the 3 Person Event with 74 off the stick nett 65 were Brian Simmons(11), Martin Lowe(17) and Joel King(26). Winners of the 2 Person Event were Bill Dredge(21) and Ray Partridge(24) with 78 off the stick nett 66.75. Half a shot back were Rick Wills(10) and Wayne Rowe(13) with 73 off the stick nett 67.25. Third a further half shot back with 76 off the stick were Alan Pell(16) and Lachie Wischer(17) nett 67.75. NTP was Alan Pell on the 2nd and Graeme Bryant and Norm McCallum won the Club Award.

Saturday sees the first day of the Level 4 lockdown at Golf. The clubhouse will be closed and members are asked to book and play in pairs. Singles wil be matched with others. To donate the usual club entry of $10 please send your Stableford Card to the respective Captain. Details of the daily entries will be given via WhatsApp. There will be no NTP, Club Awards or ball winners, only the best score on the day. Handicaps will be the same as of the 5/8/20 and not change til the end of level 4 lockdown. Major Board Events hopefully will be played at a later stage in the year

Please send Alan any photos of golf at Yea so we can share.

Wednesday August 5th

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