Ready, Set, ..!

Thankyou for the work, Russell Wealands and the guidance, Steve Wealands, as we now have tee time booking sheets for Wednesdays and Saturdays. When you go to the website home page, click on the tag Membership, then the sub tag Schedule of Tee Times.

   BOOKINGS CAN ONLY BE MADE BY CALLING CLUB CAPTAINS -                                     ALAN PELL 0402805519 and/or VICKY BUTLER 0488643360                    
(Alan or Vicky will then add your names to this tee Time Schedule. Members CANNOT book a timeslot online themselves.)                   

If we get the go ahead then bookings should be completed by 8pm the night before the competition.

Remember to

1. Arrive in time to play at the designated Tee time.

2. Maintain safe distancing at all times.

3. Ensure that you tee off on time which means the pair in front should be well clear.

4. Please play at a reasonable pace – Slow play creates health risk – 9 holes should typically be played in 90-100 minutes!

5. Only one person per motorised cart.

6. Score your own card and send photo to Pelly – Men Ladies – Dors

Breaches of Covid-19 restrictions create potential health risk to your fellow Members!!

Copies of current handicaps will be emailed out to members.

7 thoughts on “Ready, Set, ..!”

  1. Can non-members play this Saturday 16th? We live locally and are keen to get a round in for the first time in a while, but do not want to stand in the way of members who, rightfully, should play.

  2. I did just see the post that indicates that members are on Saturday. Does that mean that non-members can still book for Sunday?


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